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Sail Amsterdam , Amsterdam Tall Ships Parade

SAIL Amsterdam

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Well, fan my brow!, its all over for another five yearsSAIL 2015 has come and gone. 

What is Sail Amsterdam? What ?,  Did I hear the question correctly?. 


Since the first back in 1975, SAIL Amsterdam is now the largest public event held in the Netherlands and the

largest free nautical event in the world.


Every five years, over 600 ships and boats navigate along the North Sea Canal before mooring in and around

the IJ-haven in Amsterdam. 2015 will be the ninth SAIL Amsterdam event and we kick off from 19th to 23rd August.


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For naval enthusiasts, water-sports fans and anyone who loves fantastic festivals, SAIL Amsterdam is one of the biggest

and most important nautical events in the world. Following the tremendous success of an event initially organised in 1975

to mark the 700th anniversary of the founding of Amsterdam, SAIL became a regular international maritime event held once every five years.


Amsterdam Sail Madness 2015

SAIL Amsterdam is certainly an

impressive event to see at least

once. A one to add to any bucket

list for sure.


The official opening is the so-called

Parade of vessels during which

dozens of tall ships, hundreds of 

smaller heritage vessels and 

thousands of modern boats arrive

into the IJ Harbour in a festive

procession. All the ships stay moored in the IJ over the course of the event that spans four days.


Besides these ships, spectators can also see some impressive replicas of famous ships. The whole event of  

watching the beautiful heritage vessels enter the harbour of the historic city can almost leave you with the

sensation of being transported back to another era of sea conquests and pirates. 


All of the SAIL events are free – from music shows and concerts to ship tours. The scope and variety of

the events and festivities are so huge that you will not be able to attend everything and might have to choose

what to see.


The programme only becomes available sometime in early June, the year when the festival takes place. If you

want a real memorable experience, you can pay to board a tourist boat that will follow the parade as it entering

the harbour.


Sail 2015 Amsterdam


The IJ harbour is situated on the outskirts of the historic canal ring of Amsterdam, within easy reach of Central

Station. That is why the route that takes pedestrians to the festival venues usually begins behind Central Station

and is clearly marked. During the event, the festival area is closed for vehicles. 


Here we_Come_-_Sail_AmsterdamNearly two million people attend

this spectacular event held only 

twice in a decade.

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