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Amsterdam 4 Bedroom Apartments

Visiting Amsterdam can be a truly unique experience when you have an apartment all to yourself. Imagine the perfect Amsterdam apartment with open living space, fully outfitted with a range of modern cons, offering stunning views and located nearby fantastic local attractions and amenities. Our Amsterdam 4 bedroom apartments make this possible plus a lot more.


Some of our 4 bedroom apartments are: Bergstraat Residence; Nieuwmarkt Court Apartments A; The Rubiks Apartment


Affordable accommodation with luxury feel

Do you really want to waste your holiday budget on an impersonal hotel room when you can have an affordable apartment all to yourself? Large apartments are a great value for money and even though you get to enjoy more space and amenities than in a hotel, you pay prices that are similar to or even lower than hotel rates. The larger the group, the more savings you can make per person. All apartments are fully equipped with cosy furnishings and modern conveniences that range from air conditioning and central heating to internet access and flat screen TV’s. You also get a range of utilities that will make you feel completely cosy and pampered.


Great amenities for a comfortable stay

Imagine being able to enjoy all those homey comforts that you have at your own house. This is not possible in hotels but it is exactly what you get when you rent your own Amsterdam apartment. Cosy bedrooms will give everyone in the group privacy, while a fully equipped kitchen will allow you to enjoy some of your meals at home. Thus you can save money, have safe food that is in line with your diet preferences or simply enjoy a meal together with your friends. Living rooms are equipped with a range of luxury cons that range from flat screen TV’s to music players to games consoles, so you can always find something to amuse you when you feel too tired to keep on doing sightseeing or shopping tours. You will truly feel as if you have your own home in Amsterdam.


So many locations, so much to enjoy

Amsterdam offers visitors an annual roller-coaster of activities. Shopping, dining, sightseeing, outdoor activities and lots of cultural events – the city can keep you entertained in any season. Be it taking a boat trip down the extraordinary canals, admiring classic art at one of the numerous museums or doing something more adventurous like popping into one of the city’s infamous coffee-shops, it is always a good idea to stay right where it’s at. Our 4 bedroom apartments are situated throughout the most attractive neighbourhoods. We have period houses situated in popular touristy areas in the historic centre of the city, contemporary apartments in Zuidas and tranquil suburban houses. Wherever you choose to stay getting around Amsterdam is extremely easy and convenient with plenty of transport services and options available in the city.


Family Stays
Whether it is a Christmas holiday, an anniversary celebration or the annual summer vacation that you have in mind, staying in an apartment will ensure that you and your family can truly feel at home allowing you privacy and comfort unmatched by any hotel. In addition to the fantastic range of modern amenities that our properties have, you can also get additional facilities for your children, rental bikes at discounted rates or even have your own parking space. You can enjoy all the homey comforts you expect from a self-catered holiday rental plus many more. You can simply focus on spending quality time together.


Trips with Friends

Renting your own 4 bedroom apartment can be an extremely budget savvy choice when you plan on spending a city break with your friends. This is a great choice if you want to indulge in a hen weekend with your girls or a stag trip with the guys. It is also the best option if you simply want to stay here during one of Amsterdam’s annual festivals and street parties. Not only can you enjoy the city’s hedonistic activities but you can also have fun at your holiday apartment undisturbed, making your own parties and enjoying each other’s company.


Corporate Stays

Do you need a large apartment for a special business trip, an industry event or a professional retreat? Amsterdam is a city that brings professionals from a wide range of businesses, industries and arts to numerous local events, festivals and conferences. Our spacious rental apartments can accommodate you whatever your needs and provide you with a range of indispensable conveniences such as internet access, car parking and even office equipment if needed, all to ensure you can carry out your work smoothly.


Let us know if you need to know more about our 4 bedroom apartments in Amsterdam and we will help you to find the perfect holiday home.