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Amsterdam weather Should you bring your brolly or your sunglasses



Although rarely extreme the weather in Amsterdam is almost always unpredictable.  In one day you can witness sunshine and rain, mists and clear skies, cold and warm spells. As a whole the climate of the Netherlands can be described as mild but humid and rainy. Amsterdam, however, is not popular for its weather but for its cultural heritage and uninhibited entertainment, none of which has an on- or off-season. That is why crowds of tourists descend upon the city all year round, in bad and in good weather. 


As the country lies below sea-level it often sees moist weather, a lot of rain, mists and fogs. All of this makes winters damp and chilly even though temperatures would rarely fall below zero. Those who visit Amsterdam in winter should keep in mind to bring layers of warm clothes and to pack some woollens. Although temperatures can rise up to 24°C in summer, they can also fall very quickly. The most practical thing to do is to wear layered clothing. Don’t forget to bring your umbrella or raincoat even if you plan a midsummer holiday. Waterproof shoes should also feature high on your luggage list. 


The high-season is between April and September. The warmest months are July and August when, provided that the weather stays sunny and warm, it is a real treat to boat along the canals either in a motor boat or using pedal power boat of which can be easily rented in the city centre ,  or to spend the day sunbathing in one of the many Amsterdam parks. The country’s vast flower fields bloom in the period between April and mid-May. In other words it’s a tulip season and it is mild and balmy. The Keukenhof gardens, the largest flower fields in Europe, are open to visitors from the 20th of March until the 20th May. Arrive in spring or summer and you can enjoy the numerous street-side cafes, the parks, the canal streets and of course biking out and about Amsterdam. 


While spring and summer might be balmy and sunny, this is also the time of year that sees crowds of tourists, lack of accommodation, long queues and high prices. Arrive in winter and you can avoid all of it. Plus, you will pay less and receive more attentive service. When winters turn particularly cold and chilly, snow falls on the country while rivers and canals can sometimes freeze. This usually draws locals out for ice-skating fun. The best thing about a winter holiday in Amsterdam is that around Christmas the city is drowned in dazzling festive decorations, both inside buildings and outside in the streets. The Dutch love their Christmas lamps and decorations and know how to skilfully adorn their cities and homes making the season look truly magical. 


Even if you do not come equipped for unpredictable showers you can shop in one of the numerous attractive boutiques and stores. With so much to do in the city, from visiting beautiful museums to exploring local cafes, a day or two of bad weather can only be an excuse to discover new exciting places. Whatever the weather, make the most of it! 

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