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Bieber comes to Wonderland | AmsterdamStay

Bieber comes to Wonderland


After a hard weeks work in London which included turning up late for one of his own gigs by a couple of hours, a run in with a paparazzo and fainting from what is suspected overwork Mr Bieber escaped London and headed to Amsterdam to chill-out and relax.

He visited the local Chippie "The Chipsy King", The Easy times coffeeshop, enjoyed a spliff and a slice of cake and then headed to one of the cities main music venues De Melkweg  (Milky Way). 

He just needed to relax and chill and by the sounds of it he did just that.


Bieber comes to Wonderland Video of Justin buying his chips in Amsterdam and report about it from America and this one 




bieber fever_Amsterdam

                                                                                                         Bieber Fever goes wild

bieber _

                                                                                             A run in with a paparazzo in London

justin in_amsterdam_

                                                               Bieber was spotted in the Dutch capital





wenn20136791                                                                                        Showing off his Tattoos and more