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Amsterdam apartments with no deposit and payment on arrival

Book Amsterdam Apartments without full prepayment


How much would you like to pay when booking your holiday apartment? Most holiday accommodation providers request a full prepayment from their customers.

This, however, puts guests in a rather inconvenient position of having to spend a huge amount of money without any guarantee of a refund. Upfront payments are even riskier when booking extended stays, luxury or group accommodation.


In the case of a cancellation from one member or the entire group you lose all of your money. Worse even, if you find out that the property does not come close to the description or photos you have seen, you will have no backup plan.


You do not have to be ripped off if anything goes wrong and you have to reschedule or even cancel your holiday or business trip. We know that travel plans can change due to a number of unforeseen circumstances. In such situations properties that have been left vacant at the last minute are offered at discounted prices.


This is a win-win situation for both owner and guests, as the former does not lose money and the latter can grab a bargain. Our priority is not to rob you but to make sure that you get the best value for your money.


Why pay more?  Instead of requesting a full prepayment we only ask our guests to pay a small part of the rent without any booking fees or credit card fees.

This small prepayment is all we need to reserve your desired apartment or house for you for the chosen date and period of time. All of the holiday homes in our portfolio have been inspected and hand-picked by our team.

Each and every property we add is chosen for its unique character, excellent amenities and good location. What is more, we aim to negotiate the best rates with owners so that you can get affordable deals. What you see on our website is what you get from your holiday accommodation. No room for disappointments or rip offs.


Should anything go wrong and you have to cancel or amend your booking plans, you will never have to worry about losing your entire holiday budget. After all, you will only have paid a small prepayment. You can cover the cost of your stay later.



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