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Amsterdam Apartments with Check-in and Luggage Drop-off Service

Amsterdam Apartments Check-in and Luggage Drop-off Service

What is worse than dragging heavy luggage around a city is having to pay for overpriced storage facilities. We will save you the hassle of trying to locate your holiday accommodation on your own, carrying heavy bags or waiting outside your apartment for check in.


We can reccomend some local business for you can do both check in to your holiday apartment and leave your luggage for storage. Upon request we can arrange transport to your accommodation and transfer your luggage. Booking a taxi through us saves our guests up to 20% off standard services. Likewise, when ready to leave, simply call at our office and drop off your suitcases for storage if needed while making one last sightseeing tour of the city.


Make the most of your time in Amsterdam

We are all too familiar with inconvenient hotel regulations. Often if you have to check out in the morning or at lunch time and your flight is scheduled for a later time during the day you are stuck with your heavy luggage and have to drag it throughout the city for a last chance at sightseeing. This is so inconvenient, tiresome and unsafe that it can be a real nuisance. When there is a big gap between your check-out and flight times you can simply drop off your luggage at our office and make the most of the time you have left in Amsterdam. Enjoy!