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Amsterdam City Rental Rules


Amsterdam Owners - The law and rules that may apply to you.


The law are changing all the time, for the worse of course for both owners and travellers.


Letting your home, apartment or houseboat for a short period in Amsterdam may fall under different categories: (i) private vacation rental, or (ii) bed and breakfast.


Private Holiday Rentals

The city of Amsterdam some rules, you can read them here rules on renting  


Bed and breakfast

The city of Amsterdam's website specifies the conditions to operating a bed and breakfast in your home and how you can register to start your bed and breakfast.



The income you earn by renting your property can be taxed and in some cases you have to pay other taxes. Below are some links that may be useful.

  • Tax. The city of Amsterdam on its website shows how the tax in principle works in Amsterdam. However AmsterdamStay is signing an agreement with the municipality of Amsterdam to collect the city tax on behalf of the all hosts currently not paying city tax.


  • Owners / Agents need not do anything. If owners / agents already have tax added to listings then nothing will change. 


  • Income tax. Tax information can be found here on its website this information can be useful when you intend on temporarily letting your property.


  • VAT. In some cases, VAT regulations apply to rental activities. Check the VAT website for more information on vat and if you have to pay vat