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Warning - Fake and Scam Stay Sites.

February 14th 2020

Press Release


If has been brought to our attention that there are several scam sites using our name and brand, the sites seem to be out to scam our customers by pretending to be us.

Several guests have contacted us complaining they booked with Stay and have not received confirmation, having paid. 


Of course they booked on the wrong Stay site.


AmsterdamStay.com is the one and only truly original AmsterdamStay site.  


We have been in business since 2002 - 18 years.


AmsterdamStay is part of the WorldEscape group who operate around 50 accommodation sites around the world.


The newest FAKE version we have found is https://amsterdamstays.com/ which according to

Whois domain search lookup was created around 80 days ago



In comparison, our domain has been registered and operational since 2002(6,500+ days) 



Other sites with NO affiliation to us but who are using versions of our name are 

stay-amsterdamapt.com and  http://staysamsterdam.com/


These types of sites keep changing their URL after they scam enough people and it gets to hot.


So when making a booking with AmsterdamStay make sure you are on https://www.amsterdamstay.com 


Anyone who has questions please contact our customer service. 



The Original AmsterdamStay Team