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Commission free vacation apartments - no Airbnb fees to pay on your stay.



Commission and Fee Free Accommodation for your stay in Amsterdam


No Airbnb type fees to pay on your stay.

If you're looking for places to stay in Amsterdam, we have all the options covered from hotels to apartments, houseboats and more and best of all they are all free of fees and commissions, no added charges of any kind, no credit card fees to pay, no sneaky extra hidden charges all the fees are paid by the owner and not you.



Q. What do you mean by commission free accommodation?.

A.  Guests are not charged a booking fee on top of the price of the accommodation. Any fees are paid by the property owner and not the guest. The booking deposit paid at the time of making a reservation comes off the total and is not added to it.

Sites like Airbnb operate the other way around where the guest pays 12%-15% of the total price in Airbnb fees which adds up to a lot on the average bookings, even a three night one.


Q. How is AmsterdamStay different from Airbnb?

 A. On top of the massive savings on fees and charges, the real difference is the customer is still king with us. We offer real-time contact with one of our team to help you find the perfect place for your stay in Amsterdam. 


Q. Do I really save money by booking with a no-fee site like AmsterdamStay?

A. Yes, if you book on the same property for the same dates on AmsterdamStay compared to Airbnb the savings will be around 12% but can be up to 15%. If the average three-night stay costs Euro 700- Euro 1000 the savings are Euro 80 to 120 on a 7-night stay or longer the fees quickly add up to Euro 100's per stay.


Q.  Why Should I book With AmsterdamStay

A.  We are Amsterdammers. We know the city.  We know the properties. We are there when you need us.
 We answer the phone in person. We are live human beings, not robots. The customer is still king to us so we believe in offering real personal service to all our customers so they find the perfect place for their Amsterdam Stay.