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Park Your Amsterdam Apartment | Amsterdam Property Owners Services

Amsterdam Property Owners: Park Your Apartment with Us

Do you have a property in Amsterdam that stays vacant? Any home that remains unoccupied ultimately becomes a drain on your budget, as you have to cover taxes and maintenance. Do not throw good money after bad. Turning your vacant apartment into a vacation rental is the most lucrative way to keep it inhabited and well maintained, while earning money from it. Amsterdam’s year-round tourist season and the huge popularity of holiday rentals over the outmoded hotel and B&B accommodation is a guarantee that you can make a profit from your house, apartment or houseboat.


Marketing, advertising, and financial services

You do not even need to manage the property yourself but can instead park it with us. Let us help you get started with renting your Amsterdam vacation apartment. First, we will take care of all the marketing and advertising. AmsterdamStay will prepare a professional presentation for your property, from taking photos and videos to writing descriptions that contain all the information needed to attract guests.

Through our network of sites your apartment will be visible to numerous holidaymakers, travelers and tourists searching for vacation rentals and Amsterdam apartment rentals. Bookings and payments will be arranged via our website easily and securely for both sides. We can look after the comfortable stay of guests by providing them with a range of services. This way you will not have to worry about the demands and requests of guests renting your property.


The boring bit...

Keeping your holiday apartment presentable at all times is tantamount to success. This, however, can be a bit of a chore. You have to ensure the apartment is in excellent condition, well-maintained, clean and fully stocked with basic utilities such as fresh bed linen, towels, basic kitchen and bathroom housewares before guests arrive. Beside providing your guests with all the comforts they need to keep them coming back or recommending your property, you also might have to check them in and out, do inventory checks, ensure they are aware of house and neighbourhood rules.

All of this is effortless to hosts who feel happy meeting their guests and want to manage their property on their own. Those who don’t have the time or energy, however, might end up feeling as if they are running a miniature hotel. The pressure and commitment will be even bigger if you own several rental properties. We can take this burden off your shoulders. Our flexible property management plans and services will allow you to enjoy the rental income while we deal with the hassle.


Pick individual property management services

There will be times when you might not be able to take care of your property or welcome the arriving guests. Whether you need to take a holiday, after all you, too, deserve to rest or focus on other commitments, you need not lose money while being away. You can order a number of property management services through our website, starting with basics such as cleaning, laundry, maintenance and many others services.


You apartment will be kept in perfect condition so that guests can receive excellent service and feel comfortable at all times. We can also check your guests in and out when you are out of town. How many tasks you hand over to us is entirely up to you. Each and every service is charged separately and we will provide a price list so that you know what you get for your money.


Park your apartment with us

Managing one or several holiday rental properties can be a challenge for someone who does not possess the necessary experience, time or skills. You might even feel that you just don’t want to deal with any of the aspects of managing a holiday let. In that case, you can simply park your apartment with us. We will manage your property professionally by providing everything necessary for it to look presentable, from basic upkeep and cleaning to dealing with guests, arrivals, and inventory checks. In exchange for our full package of management services, we will take a percentage of the bookings revenue.


Making use of our management services will allow you to enjoy the income without having to take on any additional responsibilities or managing a business you might not have the time, energy or desire to run. Dedicate time to your family, job or simply enjoy your life.

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