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Mr Putin comes to town

Gay rights groups protest Putin visit to Amsterdam

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Mr Putin come to town and the Amsterdam Gay rights groups were out in force to greet him and

give him a warm welcome.

All the cities Rainbow flags flew at half mast as a mark of protest at the visit of Mr Putin and a

major protest was held against Russian policies towards gay folk.

The protests are against the law approved in January in Russia which makes gay public events

against the law and can be punishable by huge fines. The bill includes a ban on even holdings public meetings or events that promote gay rights. 

The law will come into effect only if and when Mr Putin signs it into law.

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Mr Putin was here to announce a deal about Russian gas fields between Dutch Shell and the

now state owned Gazprom. 

Amazing as it may seem, tiny little Netherlands is now the largest trading partner in Europe

with Russia, beating Germany and France and is the 2nd in the world after China.

Putin arrived at Amsterdam's Hermitage museum where he was met by Queen Beatrix and

The Prime minister Mr Rutte which outside the protesters gathered to protest.

Large banners, signs and 100's of Rainbow flags were on display with comments like

"No Gay rights beyond this point"  some hanging from apartments across the river.




Netherlands was the 1st country in the world to allow gay marriages



Thousands gather to protest Mr Putins visit to Amsterdam and make themselves heard with 100's of whistles 



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