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Staying in amsterdam for a month or longer

Staying in Amsterdam for a month



If you are coming to Amsterdam for a month or longer and looking for something other than a standard hotel room we can be of assistance in finding you the perfect place.  We offer apart-hotels and apartments and serviced apartments for stays of 30 days minimum and we have places in many areas of the city.


If you are coming on business a serviced apart-hotel is an excellent choice as cleaning and laundry are taken care of and your home is kept clean for you. 


Depending on what you are coming to Amsterdam for really depends on the area we would suggest you stay. 


Some come for the excitement of the city, come some for a bit of peace and quite others come for the museums and the art and others come to smoke their heads off.


We offer places to suit all of the above. Check out our collection of monthly rentals and longer term places below.