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Amsterdam train tickets | How to buy a ticket at Amsterdam Schipol airport

Amsterdam Train Tickets


When you arrive in Schipol airport and are heading into centre of Amsterdam you will most likely be catching the train to central station. So you will need a train ticket. You have two choices:


1. Use a ticket machine and save 50 cents.

2. You can go to the ticket counter and get served by a real human being, there is an additional charge of 50 cents for this service.


The yellow train tickets machines are a familiar sight in train stations all over the Netherlands and you will probably first encounter them when you enter the main public hall at Schiphol Airport, pictured below.


Ticket machines SchipolAmsterdam Schipol Airport Ticket Macines




























Before you waste time queuing for a particular machine, check to see which type it is: some accept cash and Dutch “Pin” debit cards, some only accept Pin.  A few accept credit cards but will charge you an additional €1 for that facility.




Arrival Hall Schipol Airport , Train Ticket Machines






























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