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Where to stay in amsterdam


Where to stay in Amsterdam 


Finding you're next home in Amsterdam is easier than you think, the city is divided into different areas but as Amsterdam is so small and therefore easy to get around selecting the right one for your stay is not so important except for some special reason like some peace and quiet. The centre (Centrum) is the busiest and is where the real noise is so a number of people avoid this area but others love it.

Dam Square, Red-light district and Nieuwmarkt (New Market) Square are all located in the 1012BN postcode so right in the centre and is packed with tourists, coffeeshops, cafes, bars and more.  

Many younger visitors like to stay in the centre as the excitement is great and it's full of fun things to do and see.

Older visitors are looking for an area a little quieter like the Jordaan (Anne Frank House), others are seeking accommodation in an area for a reason like visiting friends, a concert, attending an exhibition, some are here for a few days on business and the luckier ones are seeking Luxury 4* and 5* luxury hotels and vacation rentals in top luxury bracket.