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Amsterdam Property Owners and Managers


owners amsterdamHow do list a property on AmsterdamStay.com


AmsterdamStay is one of the longest established

accommodation rental sites operating on the net.

With our advanced state of the art reservation and booking

system, we can offer owners  either real-time

reservations or reservation requests.


Amsterdam Stay is one of the longest established

accommodation rental sites operating on the net.

With our advanced state of the art reservation and

booking system, we can offer owners  either  real-time

reservations or reservation requests.


We charge owners between 15% and 20%

commission for any confirmed booking we get for your

property, depending on the booking plan you choose,

direct on request bookings.


If you have an apartment, spare room, operate a bed and breakfast, hotel or a hostel in Amsterdam and

need some extra bookings you have just chosen the right site to add your property.


AmsterdamStay.com operate several sites for Amsterdam accommodation and between them receive

hundreds of enquiring daily for Amsterdam accommodation. So when you add your property we can

guarantee you a high percentage of confirmed reservations. 


As AmsterdamStay.com caters for all budgets and all accommodation types including couches, rooms

and apartments and we receive all types of inquiries daily.



Ways to list your property on AmsterdamStay.com


1. Real Time Live Reservations


You are given a username and password on joining, and you use this to update your availability on our site.  When a guest decides to reserve your property, he enters his credit card details and confirms his booking.


15% of the booking amount is charged to his card as a booking deposit. 


You also receive a confirmed booking mail informing you of the booking you have just received. You can

then contact the guest to ask any questions and to send any directions you may want to and get check in

time. The guest pays the balance on arrival.



2. Request Reservation Basis


When you register, you are given a username or password using this username and password you log in and add your property.


When a guest wishes to reserve your property, they send an "Availability Request" to you  (copy goes automatically to us also.


You reply to request (Yes or No), a copy comes to us, and a copy goes to the guest.

If you said, YES and the guest wishes to book they just go to the payment link and fill in their details with a credit card and the booking is then confirmed. 


We charge his card 20% of the booking amount as a booking deposit.

You also receive a confirmed booking mail informing you of the booking you have just received.


Getting more bookings

Properties offering Real time live reservations receive an average of 50% more reservations than properties on a request basis.

Guests will just not wait anymore, Everyone wants instant bookings nowadays and do not want to wait for replies to emails. If you are a property owner and you want to receive bookings from us, contact us.

Property Management Service 

We can recommend some good local Management Company to manage your property. Please Contact Us for more information or check our Property Management Page   
More information here 

Amsterdam Property Management Service


Amsterdam City Rules on Renting a Property 


There are always rules and renting your property is no exception. Check out the following links for details on the cities rules.

Amsterdam - The law and rules that may apply to you

Letting your home, apartment or houseboat for a short period in Amsterdam may fall under different categories: (i) private vacation rental, or (ii) bed and breakfast.

Private holiday rentals

The city of Amsterdam some rules, you can read them here rules on renting  

Bed and breakfast

The city of Amsterdam's website specifies the conditions to operating a bed and breakfast in your home and how you can register to start your bed and breakfast.


The income you earn by renting your property can be taxed and in some cases you have to pay other taxes. Below are some links that may be useful.

  • Tax. The city of Amsterdam on its website shows how the tax in principle works in Amsterdam. However, AmsterdamStay is signing an agreement with the municipality of Amsterdam to collect the city tax on behalf of the all hosts currently not paying city tax.
  • Owners / Agents need not do anything. If owners / agents already have tax added to listings then nothing will change. 
  • Income tax. Tax information can be found here on its website this information can be useful when you intend on temporarily letting your property.
  • VAT. In some cases, VAT regulations apply to rental activities. Check the VAT website for more information on v.a.t and if you have to pay vat.
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